Garden 9

Good Karma Garden # 9

We recently moved to a house with a grass only front yard that we wanted to turn into a garden. Not an easy task to dig that grass out, I new we couldn’t do it all by ourselves. I talked to my neighbor Swami Omkara, and she told me about Good Karma Gardeners, a group of volunteers that would come and help me to get started with the garden.

Soon one Saturday morning the gardeners showed up with their own tools and lots of muscle. I was really surprised how hard they worked digging into that dirt, by noon they had cleared a large area ready for planting. They also introduced me to Venice Learning garden, and shared many gardening tips. Since the initial gardening day several of them have come over and continued to help us expand our garden.

Working in the garden has been a wonderful way to get to know our neighbors and community. I would like to thank Good Karma Gardeners for all your help, you certainly are bringing this community together, one garden at the time.

GKG#9 Steward


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    Carolyn said,

    How fortunate you happened to move in next door to Swami! I wish I had known her 10 years ago when I could have used help with removing my lawn. But it’s never too late and now I’m happy to be part of GKG. Nice work, Helena!

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