An ongoing gift economy project, launched spring 2012 

Our mission is to enable people to grow and eat nutritious, delicious and sustainable food, starting small and paying it forward. Whether you live in an apartment or home, rent or own, have a yard or patio or balcony, we welcome all comers. We will provide free guidance and help to participants who are willing to show up for each other and learn.
Please view the GKG garden pages linked on the right to see photos and read about the experience of being a Good Karma Gardener. If you would like to join in, either as a volunteer gardener, or to start a garden yourself, visit the ‘Get a Garden‘ page.

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  1. 1

    Assal Farahani said,

    I need help to grow some vegetable in my small balcony. What should I do? Help please.



  2. 2

    Chreyl said,

    The amount of sun light will determine what you will be able to grow.

  3. 3

    anne warman said,

    I love the idea! Pity you’re only on the Westside. I live in NE LA. Have been gardening from scratch over several years – a HUGE problem are the pests. Did curb a bit the invasion of moles / gophers in my high rise vegetable beds – but what to do about the RACOONS? They gert in there and eat everything, mostly small vegetable plants I just put in (in small bio-degradable pots) Would welcome any idea.

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